About Us


Company History

PC Outlet Supplies & Services LLC is a company specializing in the following:
sales of computers, networking systems, tablets, cellular phones, printers, home entertainment systems, and electronic equipment and accessories to support the products and systems that are offered for sale by the company. In addition the company will provide support services for all equipment sold on site or at the client's home or office. Additionally the company has a program to purchase outdated computer/electronic equipment to be reconditioned onsite which will then be exported for sale abroad.

Our Goal

At PC OUTLET , we want to provide you with best possible IT solution at an affordable rate! We target small to medium sized businesses and the community of North Miami Beach.

Our Vision

We want to provide economical IT equipment and services to people of South Florida. Everyone deserves to develop a brighter future!  PC OUTLET is also here to support small to medium size computer reseller so that they can develop a brighter future.

Business Concepts

We are a computer wholesaler and retailer located in North Miami Beach. Our business focus is on supplying bulk computer systems. We are also dealing with numerous retail outlets across the East Africa and we are supplying systems for both retail and wholesale capacity.

Products and Services

Consumer Electronics

PC Outlet will retail a wide range of IT supplies including computers (desktops, laptops, tablets, monitors, etc.), printers (LaserJet, OfficeJet ), cameras and cameras accessories (digital cameras, DSLR cameras, camcorders, lenses, etc.), TVs and TV accessories (LED, 3D, DVD players, projectors, etc.), cell phones (Apple iPhones, HTC, Samsung, etc.), music accessories ( ipods , mp3 players, head phones, speakers, etc.), surveillance systems (cameras, DVR, motion sensors, etc.), and IT accessories (desktop and laptop accessories, web cameras, keyboards, etc.).

IT Services

PC Outlet will provide IT services such as PC tune-ups, virus removal, networking projects, OS restorations, and antivirus installations.

Phone and Tablet Repairs

With over two-thirds of U.S. consumers currently owning smartphones , and 42% owning a tablet , the demand for phone and tablet repairs is increasing at a swift pace. As such, PC Outlet will provide repair services for phone/tablet hardware and software.

Areas We Service

All of South Florida from Miami to Palm Beach are we are providing our products and services